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Myth #3 Therapy doesn't work anyway so why should I bother?

​This kind of ties into theoretical orientation. A therapist who practices CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) will typically give more advice than a Person Centered therapist.  In either situation, look for a therapist who will empower you to make your own choices and offer different perspectives rather than someone who tries to sell you on  their perspective. 

Therapy Myth Busters!


Just because you have had a bad experience in therapy or someone told you it didn't work for them doesn't mean it's time to give up.  It is true that therapy may not be for everyone but what the research says is that the biggest indicator of positive outcomes in therapy is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. This means that your job is to find someone that you really click with. Don't just settle for the first appointment you get with the closest therapist in the neighborhood. Feel free to interview your potential therapist. In fact, interview several before you decide who to go with. After all, your family or marriage may depend on it!  

Myth#1 All therapists are created equal....

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Myth #2 My therapist will tell me what I should do....

In your search for the right therapist, it may be important for you to consider that there are many different license types and many different theoretical approaches to conducting therapy. How do you know which one will be the best fit for you and your family? Here are some tips to asking the right questions to find a good therapeutic match.

  • What type of license do you hold?
  • How long have you been in practice?​
  • What is your theoretical orientation or philosophy?

A therapist should have their license displayed in plain site in their office. You can go directly to the licensing board (California Board of Behavioral Science) and search for their license by name or license number to find out if they have had any disciplinary actions.  

It's always a good idea to find out how long they have been in practice.a seasoned therapist will have more confidence and experience than someone newly licensed, however, newly licensed therapists also can have strong positive energy and a fresh unjaded perspective on modern issues.   

One thing that all therapists should  be able to tell you regardless of how long they have been in practice is what theoretical orientation the operate from.   A seasoned therapist may be well versed in multiple theoretical models whereas a new therapist may only have one or two. In either scenario, if they can't tell you how they typically conceptualize problems, keep looking for another therapist who can. 

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