Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

EAP is available for individuals groups and families by special appointment only. This type of therapy does not involve riding horses, rather it involves relationship building and ground work with our equine friends. This can be especially helpful for trauma work where trusting people can be difficult. Often the client learns to trust the horse first which can then lead to trust being generalized to other key human relationships. The cost of this service may be only partially covered by insurance. 

Individual Counseling

Family Therapy

Marriage Counseling 

Family problems  can often be complex and difficult to articulate. Finding a skilled family therapist who can put family members at ease helps to relieve stress and tension making therapy more productive.  Here are a couple of tips to finding a good family therapist:

  • Interview the therapists first asking them to describe their theoretical orientation or philosophy of family therapy. 
  • Typical family systems approaches include; Bowen's Intergenerational Family Therapy, Adlerian Family Therapy, Solutions Focused Family Therapy, Experiential Family Therapy and  few more.  Go ahead and do a little research on these theories to learn about what to expect from a family therapist. 

Marriage Counseling requires a specific set of skills. Finding a highly skilled therapist is critical to success. Building trust simultaneously with two people who are at odds with one another can prove to be a challenging task. Regardless of the theoretical approach a skilled therapist must be able to to convey neutrality and compassionate to both parties equally and continuously.  Most family therapy models work well for couples, however, there are a couple of popular approaches that are specific to couples therapy.

  • The Gottman Approach is an evidenced-based practice that has decades of research behind it.  It emphasizes conflict management and learning about each other's psychological world views via love mapping.
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFCT, also is evidence-based.  It encourages the couple to be authentic in emotional expression and  seeks to support the development of a stronger bond between members of the couple.  

Where our focus is on improving family life and  Creating the best version of you!

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Deciding whether or not Individual Counseling is for you can be a difficult choice. Sometimes just knowing that you are not alone can be half the battle. We often find that we have all the answers we need inside of us, we have just forgotten how to access them or how to use them. Let one of our highly trained therapists offer you some support and help you access your own inner wisdom.